I was born in Milan, Italy, where I also went to school. I remember always being fascinated by science and intrigued by how things work. I think I wasn't missing any documentary on TV or buying that book that was explaining how planets formed or how the dinosaurs got extinct. And I was crazy about animals and nature... I liked to draw animals and I loved – and confess I still do – those books with a lot of detailed illustrations showing the different habitats and all the animals living there. They could show me any picture of an animal and I could tell its name!

     Looking back, that's a strange contrast of interests, if you want: technology and nature. But I think of them as parts of the unique marvel of the universe  and both are gifts the Lord has given us to be used. If man was wise enough  to make good use of that, probably the motto "be green" would have no need to exist.
Anyway, technology was stronger in making me choose to attend Science High School and then I continued studying Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano.
Those years were very precious to my personal formation and even if I changed course later, I learned how to face and solve problems, how to look at things in a certain way and I have been able to apply the same mind process learned at college to many different situations in any field.

I love mountains and mountain climbing, enjoying an easy trekking as much as an ice ascent to the highest peaks in the Alps. I love all kind of movies – but horror and psychological dramas – and I am a Disney and sci-fi fan and avid collector. I like life and traditions from the islands of Hawai'i and I have always been interested in the culture of Native Americans. And of course, photography is one of my passions, a passion that finds its way and embrace all the other interests touching them in different ways. Started very early and continued along the years, I taught photography at school and worked for some magazines, but it remained mostly a hobby and the possibility to capture all the different ways life expresses itself around us. And for a fortunate as well as improbable chain of events, I can say photography brought me my job at Disney and the opportunity to meet my lovely wife.